Public Relations & Influence

Public relations have a strategic stake. They can have different objectives depending on your business, the market, your target, and many other parameters to take into account. They can also respond to your visibility, reputation, credibility, acquisition, sales, lead generation or referencing issues.

Whether it’s organizing an event, creating partnerships, bringing together journalists and influencers, we do everything we can to create original and impactful campaigns. With an address book of more than 1,000 journalists and thousands of influencers, we take care to select the media and influencers whose audiences and quality amplify your message.

Get The Media To Your Side

Build media and community relations and increase your engagement through our PR services. Contact us now and don’t miss out.

Our PR Services Include

Media Relations

Media relations is all about dealing with the media – writing press releases, scheduling interviews and giving press conferences. The goal is to generate positive coverage of your company or your product. Basically, you want the media to do your advertising for free.

Community Relations

Engage your community by understanding how people think and act, and how best to engage with them – whether by running events, visiting schools or writing newsletters.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the PR you need when disaster strikes: a faulty product has to be recalled, an oil tanker spills, an employee accuses the company of wrongdoing, or the CEO is arrested for public indecency. These things could ruin the company’s reputation and need to be dealt with quickly.